Homa is a decentralized liquid staking protocol implemented and deployed as upgradable runtime modules (aka pallets) on both the Acala and Karura networks. Homa protocol will be available as pre-compiled Smart Contracts on the EVM+ platform of both networks. Its staking derivative L-Token are accessible as both native Substrate and ERC-20 tokens.
Proof-of-Stake networks creates an opportunity cost for using their network token in other applications versus staking. If DeFi applications provide a better yield than staking, it could motivate the collective movement of funds from staking to lending, causing a 'bank run' and risking the security of the entire network.
Homa protocol establishes a non-custodial trustless and cross-chain staking pool, where users stake their token and receive a L-Token (e.g. stake DOT and receive LDOT) that represents the principle staked asset plus the staking yield continuously accruing. Homa is designed to provide stakers
  • liquidity for staked asset in the form of L-Token that is fungible and automatically accruing staking yields
  • instant withdraws without waiting for unbounding period
  • 1-click staking and earn with ease
Homa is an open, non-custodial and permissionless liquid staking protocol, where any third-party application and protocols can freely integrate and use L-Token to earn staking yield without restrictions.


L-Token is a staking yield bearing token
  • that can be used as collateral in Acala stablecoin lending, multiply exposure of underlying asset (e.g. DOT, KSM) while earning positive APR
  • that can be used to provide liquidity in Acalaswap, earning trading fees and staking yield at the same time
  • that can be held in an account to accrue staking yield without changing the account balance
  • that is transferrable and easily integrated in other protocols


Homa protocol is available on
  • Acala Network: this creates a decentralized DOT staking pool, and stakers receive the L-DOT yield bearing asset
  • Karura Network: this creates a decentralized KSM staking pool, and stakers receive the L-KSM yield bearing asset

Homa Liquid Staking Web App

Homa protocol reference web applications
  • for Acala network is here
  • for Karura network is here
  • for Mandala testnet is here
Wallet required to use the web applications
Mobile Apps that integrates Homa protocol
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